Calculating Aggregations



The Aggregate feature in the Table configuration area, which can be displayed by clicking the Gear icon or by clicking any table column header, lets you calculate totals, averages, and other aggregations.



To use the Aggregate feature:

  1. Select the Data Column to be aggregated from the column list.
  2. Select the Aggregate Function. Options include: Sum, Average, Standard Deviation, Count, Distinct Count, Minimum, and Maximum. Click Add to aggregate the data and refresh the table.
  3. As aggregates are created, they're added to the Aggregates list. Use the adjacent Replace and Remove buttons to manage the list.
  4. Aggregate results appear in an extra table row that will be positioned at the top of the table, as shown above. If Grouping is in effect, aggregate values will also appear at each grouping level in the table.
  5. Aggregating can be also be accomplished by clicking a column header in the table and then selecting the desired options from the context menu.

When finished, click the Gear icon to hide the configuration area.

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