Controlling Paging



The number of results shown on a given page in analytics is controlled by a feature called "paging". You can easily change the number of results shown on a page by changing the paging value in the table settings.



Note: If you are running a report which pulls in a lot of data then choosing to show all rows can result in a delay while data is retrieved, and will possibly not complete before your session times out

  1. Choose a paging option:
    • Show all rows: This will display all data pulled in by the report on a single page
    • Show Paging: This allows you to set the number of rows shown on a page and then navigate the pages using pagination arrows
  2. If "Show Paging" has been selected, enter the number of data rows to display per table page. Click "OK" to refresh the display.

Note: These settings affect all tables simultaneously

Select the Gear icon to hide the configuration area.

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