Creating Formula Columns



Formulae allow you to create calculations on your data and display the result in a new column which can be used to sort and search the dataset.

Help to construct a formula is available via the Formula Help button found within Oneserve analytics.



New columns are added at the right side of the table but can be relocated by dragging them. To create a formula column:

  1. Enter the Name for the column that will be added to the table.
  2. Insert column names into the Formula box by selecting them here and clicking Insert.
  3. Enter the formula by typing it in here. Column names should be enclosed within square brackets [] and typical math operator symbols, such as + - * / should be used. You can always edit or delete anything in this space.
  4. Specify the Data Type for the new column.
  5. Specify a Display Format. Formatting options include numeric and date formats. Click Add to create the new column and refresh the table.
  6. As formula columns are created, they're added to the Formula Columns list. Use the adjacent Replace and Remove buttons to manage the list. Columns that have been added are now included in the list of available columns (3) for use in other formulas.

When done, click the Formula tab to hide the panel.

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