Building Reports - Getting Started



A Oneserve Analytics report displays an arrangement of components that convey the information you want to see - Visuals from the Visual Gallery can be included in reports and the charts within them are fully functional; animation, hover highlighting, quick tips etc. work just as they did in an analysis.

Each time the report is run or refreshed in the browser, its visuals will retrieve data from their databases and display it. The report is, therefore, a “snapshot” of the data as it was at the time the report was last refreshed.

Reports you create are automatically saved and will appear in the list of resources in the My Items folder on the Home page. Once you have built a report, it can be scheduled and emailed to colleagues at a frequency that is required (i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly).


To start creating reports, select "Author Report" from the side navigation menu, as shown below


Report Components

A report can use any of the following components:

  • Text - You can enter text to be displayed in the report. Various font attributes like size can be set as desired.
  • Image - You can upload an image for display in the report.
  • Line Space -You can add blank lines to provide vertical spacing (dotted line only shown below for clarity).
  • Link - You can add links to other reports or web pages.
  • PDF Link - You can add a link that will download the report to PDF format.
  • Split Row - You can add an empty row that's divided into multiple columns, then drag content into them.
  • Visual - You select a visual from your Visual Gallery for display in the report.

You may have as many of these components in your report as you'd like.


Report Design Mode

Just under the report title, you can see the Design and View links - which let you switch modes. When you elect to create a new report (from the Home page), it will start in Design mode however you can switch modes at any time.


Design mode, lets you build and/or modify your report -  the components in the report will appear in a series of panels, as shown above, these components are as follows;

  • Component Toolbox - Components appear on the left. Drag them onto the report canvas to add them
  • Re-arrange components on the canvas by clicking their drag icon and dragging them to a new location

When you do this, the cursor changes to a Drag cursor and a "Drop Zone" indicator (a yellow bar) will appear as you drag the component toward a new location. If the drop zone is above or among other components, they will be moved when the component is dropped.

  • Configure component settings or delete them by selecting their ‘Gear’ or ‘X’ icons.
  • When using the Split Row component, you can add or remove columns by selecting either the new column button or the 'X' icon respectively

When you add a Visual component to the canvas, your Visual Gallery will be displayed and you can select one or more visuals to be inserted into your report - Chart animation, resizing, hover highlighting, and quick tips will all be active in the report, each selected visual will be inserted into its own separate panel.