Analytics Release Notes

With the summer release, Oneserve’s analytics module has been upgraded with improvements to the user interface and numerous functional enhancements.

The following list details the improvements that have been made with this release; 


Visual Improvements


  • New user interface

The interface of analytics has been refreshed to give an improved look and feel, enabling a better user experience and an increased ease of use - All of the existing functions are still available to you.


  • Global Menu

A new global menu has been included with this update - this side menu will be displayed on the left-hand side of the screen. This will enable you to navigate between the sections of analytics without having to go back to the homepage.



Functionality Enhancements


  • Dashboard improvements - Editing Analysis Panels

New functionality has been added to the Dashboard view which provides users with the ability to directly edit an analysis panel whilst embedded in a dashboard.  Users will be able to adjust the sizing and filters used in the analysis.



  • Combo Charts 

Analysis has a new option to allow the creation of combo charts, by adding an extra Chart Series to either a Bar, Line, Curved Line, and Scatter Plot charts you can now view extra information in your charts.


System Enhancements


  • Performance improvements

The processing engine behind the analytics user interface has been refactored to improve performance and provide a more responsive user experience.


  • Report scheduler

Stability improvements have been made to the Report scheduler, this includes a fix to prevent the duplicate sending of reports.


  • Numeric values in reports are now correctly exported as number format

When exporting data from Oneserve analytics the data type for the column is now persisted as opposed to being converted to text. This should make it easier for users to work with the data after it has been exported.


  • The yesterday, today and tomorrow filters 

These filters now work with data-time data type fields.


  • ActiveSQL improvements (efficiency of querying)

A new element called Analysis Filter has been introduced to enable general purpose filtering of standard and ActiveSQL DataLayers. In other words, users can now filter individual analysis that has been embedded in Dashboards.


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