Creating Analyses (Selecting Data)



To get started with analytics, you first need to pick a dataset to run analyses against.


When selecting ‘Analysis’ from the menu by default you will be directed to the ‘Data’ tab.


The first thing you'll need to do is select the source you want to work with and then the data table you want to view - Once selected a panel will show, displaying the column checkboxes, as shown below. You can un-check the boxes for columns you don't want to include in your analysis work. Unchecking the 'All' option will deselect/select all columns.


Select ‘OK’ to generate the table

You also have the option to "join" different data tables - provided that they belong to the same data source. A join combines two sets of data to produce a single dataset, with different types of joins producing different datasets.



When you select data that joins tables, a colour-coding scheme is applied to the table that indicates where the data came from. In the example shown above, table columns with a blue border came from the original table "Job" while columns with a red border came from the selected join.

Once you have selected data, all of the other tabs or buttons at the top of the Analysis Grid become enabled.

Click the 'Data' tab to hide the data selection controls.