Pivoting and Summarising Data



Using Oneserve analytics, it is possible to create pivot tables to view and summarise the data pulled through by any given report by using a feature known as a "crosstab".


To get started, select the "Add Crosstab" option at the top of the analytics dashboard.


Here's how to use this feature:

  1. Select ‘Header Values Column’, whose values will be shown horizontally as column headers, across the top of the crosstab table. Additional controls may appear depending on the data type of the selected column.

  2. Select ‘Label Values Column’, whose values will be shown vertically, in the leftmost column of each row.

  3. Select ‘Aggregate Values Column’, whose values will be aggregated to produce the contents for the rest of the table cells.

  4. Select the ‘Aggregate Function’ to be applied to the column selected in Step 3. Options include; Sum, Average, Standard Deviation, Count and Distinct Count, Minimum, and Maximum.

  5. Select a ‘Summary Function’ to display a summary result - this will be displayed below the header columns.

  6. Check the ‘Compare Label Columns’ checkbox to cause the difference between column values to be displayed, along with a cell shading indicator.

Select ‘OK’ to generate the crosstab table

The Summary Function and Label Column Comparison features provide interesting ways to analyze the data:


  • [ ] As shown above, summarising the data totals the rows and columns, inserting a row and column to display the results. Comparing Label columns can produce colour spectrum backgrounds or directional arrows (this will appear while hovering over a cell), and can display the value differences as values or percentages, in the cells.

Click the Gear icon to hide the configuration area.