Report Settings



Oneserve includes many different configuration settings for reports, which allow you to tweak each report to be exactly as you need it with minimal effort.


Report settings are configured by clicking the gear icon next to the report name:


The available options, shown above, allow you to change the report name or save a copy of the report into your "My Items" folder.

The name shown here identifies the report inside analytics and on the Home page list of items, however, it is not included (nor is the gear icon) when the report is downloaded as a PDF document.

Report Component Settings

Each component has its own settings, which are displayed by selecting the component's gear icon:


As you'd expect, the settings will be different for different components. The settings for a link component are shown above.


The Text component has a similar Settings panel however for quick, text-only changes, you can edit the text in place. Just hover your mouse cursor over the right end of the component, as shown above, a Pencil icon will appear, select this to edit the text.