Upgrade Notes : Street-Level Routing


The accurate calculation of drive times is key for managing field service operations, with overestimates leading to reduced workforce productivity and underestimates resulting in late arrives, disappointed customers and increasingly disrupted schedules.

In this release, we’re excited to bring you enhanced drive time calculations using street-level routing in partnership with Google.


  • More accurate drive time calculations
  • More 'realistic' schedules should reduce disruption caused by over and under utilisation of resources
  • Improved levels of resource satisfaction 
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction thanks to reduction in late arrivals 
  • Cost savings from minimised drive time and associated vehicle and fuel costs - improved ROI 

Please note:  this is an opt-in feature that is not enabled by default. This is to allow you to test and migrate to use the feature in your own timeframe.  Please read this guide then email for guidance on next steps.  


Feature Enablement


In order to benefit fully from this functionality, your 'sites' records will all need to have a valid postcode entries, this supporting the accurate calculation of drive times between appointments. 'Resources' accounts will also require valid postcodes to support the accurate drive time to the first appointment of the day and to appointments after a non-working time event.


This functionality is not enabled by default and so there is no impact on upgrade. Once enabled, Oneserve users are not required to perform any additional tasks or change the way they are currently working but will notice a difference in the application interface during the first day or two after the feature has been enabled. 

The areas of the system that will use street-level routing for drive time calculation include;

  • Creating and scheduling new pooled and fixed appointments
  • Rescheduling appointments
  • If you are using the new optimiser, appointment re-scheduling will street-level drive times 
  • If a site or resource does not have a valid postcode the application we revert to using the 'default' drive time set for your application (this is typically set to 10 minutes)


Adoption & Migration 

Once the feature has been enabled for you by Oneserve, drive times in the application will be calculated using street-level routing from Google. Existing appointment drive times and any future appointment drive times will now use this method of calculating appointment travel time.

This will be immediately noticeable in your existing appointment schedule as some drive times will increase with others being reduced:

  • In the schedule page, the appointment hover-over will display the drive time calculated using the new street-level route
  • If the time window available is insufficient this will be displayed in brackets against the drive time field (see below)



On-going Management  

Once the new functionality is enabled, no immediate action is required and we suggest just allowing that day's appointments to run their course as originally planned. If you try to reschedule or 'drag and drop' appointments in your schedule you will see drive time being recalculated.  Any future appointments that are scheduled for the proceeding days and weeks will utilise the new accurate street-level routing drive time calculation at the point of scheduling so this should remove the need for any further manual intervention. 


Next Steps

The enablement of this functionality requires support from the team at Oneserve. If you have access to a test (UAT) site, this functionality can be enabled within your controlled test site for your review and validation prior to being applied to your live site.  If you would like to enable this feature please follow these steps; 

1. Email if you would like to switch to street-level routing. 

2. Our technical team will confirm receipt of your request and outline the time frames and make you aware of any specific considerations before enabling the feature. The DRIVE_TIME_SERVICE setting which requires your application to be restarted for the changes to take effect. 

3. After street-level routing has been enabled you will need to review your schedule to check for conflicting appointments or appointments that need to be rescheduled to accommodate the new drive time. 


Please note: If you decide that you wish to return to the original method of drive time calculation, this is available and will be supported for a limited time period only.



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