Work Request Process



If you require Oneserve to undertake some paid work, this will need to be submitted in the form of a work request (see the form attached to this article). Including as much detail about requests as you can helps us to more quickly and efficiently deal with you request.

New work requests are discussed by the technical team in a weekly meeting. Requests that have adequate information can be assessed and quoted in this meeting, while requests that require more detail will be queried and re-assessed the next week providing new information is provided.

Work Request Areas

Work requests are generally required for any work that needs to be performed by the Oneserve technical team or the support team that falls outside the scope of your contract. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Bulk updating of data in your system
  • Bulk importing of new data into your system
  • Creating new bespoke interfaces
  • Updating existing interfaces with new parameters or functionality

Work requests need to be filed with a good amount of notice in order to give our client success and technical teams time to review the request and advise ahead of the change's due date.

Information to Include

Bulk Data Changes

  • The data to be altered
  • The reason this data needs to be altered
  • The due date the alteration is required by

Data Imports

  • The data to be imported
  • The due date the import is required by

Creation of New Interfaces

  • The description of the new interface(s) required
  • The name of the software with which the interface will be working
  • The name/contact information of the parties with whom Oneserve need to communicate
  • The business case for the new interface
  • The due date you would like the interface to be in place by

Update to Existing Interfaces

  • The name of the interface you would like updating
  • A summary of the changes to be made
  • The name/contact information of relevant parties
  • The business case for the changes
  • The due date you would like the changes to be in place by