Pending Job Costs


Job Cost Tab

The status against your job cost lines can be Pending, Approved or Rejected. The majority of cost rows will have the status of Approved but if you would like to use the Pending status you will need to configure the steps mentioned for the pages below. 

Team Setup

The pending cost status will be affected by the Single Activity/Cost Approval Level against the team. This value will determine if a job costs will be created with a Pending or Approved status. 

To determine the status whilst creating new job cost lines it will check the current total on the job against the new cost total, if the value is over the Single Activity/Cost Approval Level it will set the cost status to Pending. 


Single Activity/Cost Approval level = 1000.00
Current job total cost = 900.00
Additional Job Cost lines = 200.00

900+200 = 1100 which is greater than 1000, this would result in a pending job cost status.

1. Open the admin menu
2. Select the Team page
3. Select the team you would like to set a limit against
4. Click on modify team and change the value in the Single Activity/Cost Approval Level. 

Usually we set this value to 99999.9 or higher


Job Approval Rules

Job approval rules can be used to approve all costs against the job after changes have been submitted in a new job version. 

Once the job has a new version submitted it could go to Awaiting Approval if the Approval Rule applies. When the user selects the Approve option it will set all Pending costs to Approved at the same time as approving the job version. 

To set this flag

1. Open the admin menu
2. Select the Job Approval Rule page
3. Select the Job Approval Rule to edit or create a new rule
4. Turn the flag on for 'Rule should approve costs'


Workflow Configuration

A setting within the workflow transition setup can be used to prevent jobs moving to the next stage if the job has pending job costs. This could be used to prevent jobs moving to invoice until the costs have been checked and signed off. If you turn this setting on the user will need to approve all job costs before the transition appears on the job.

1.Open the admin menu
2. Select the Workflow page
3. Select your workflow from the list
4. Create a version
5. Select an exisiting transition or create a new one
6. Turn on the setting for 'Requires Cost Approval'





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