User Team Filtering



Team Filtering simply allows you to set the teams a user can access. This can be useful for creating user accounts for subcontractors or employees who only need access to a certain area of the system.


Team filtering is set at the user account level. When you turn on 'Apply Team Filtering' on the user page, you will have the option to assign the teams the user can access.


Pages that use team filtering include:

  • Job Search
  • Global Quick Search
  • Calendar View
  • Scheduler
  • Fixed and Pooled Scheduling
  • Job Resources: Appointments/Time Entries
  • Job Costs: Existing entries and adding costs manually
  • Job Activities: Existing entries and assigning new activities
  • Modify Team/Service against a job
  • Admin: Teams


Job Versioning

To allow users to modify job costs, activities and job details the user(s) require access to create and submit job versions.

Reassign Team/Service

The job needs to be at a job status within the Pending or In Progress group and on a new version (if versioning is active). The reassign page will filter the available teams depending on the User­Team relationship, the team must be able to cover the service and the postcode for the site on the job.

Job Resource

  • Will only show appointments allocated to the teams assigned to the logged in user
  • Option to create and reschedule appointments
  • The Time section will be displayed on the Resource tab, entries will be filtered using the User­Team relationship.

The option to add time manually will be available, users can add time for different Resources and Services but they will only be able to access the Team assigned to their user account. If this section is not required removed the user type right called ‘Time Addition/Modification TAM’

Job Activities

This tab can look empty if the activities have not been assigned to the Team. The activities can be assigned by creating appointments or manually modifying the activities using the pencil icon.

Once the activities have been allocated the user will be able to complete the activity using the desktop (No need to create a new version for this now)

The activity can be modified, the Team dropdown will be filtered depending on the user.

  • If the user requires the option to add new activities they will need additional user type rights and the option to create version if applicable.

A right called Mandatory Team Selection [MTS] will be required for users assigning new activities to a job, this right requires the ‘team’ to be populated before the activities can be assigned. Without this right the activities can still be assigned but without a team linked to the activity it will not be visible for the user.

Job Costs

Only costs assigned to the Team will be available, this was required so the page would filter Activity and Labour Costs. Other costs such as Parts and manual entries will depend on the Cost Type being set as ‘Viewable’, to check this flag open the Cost Type page from the Admin menu.

Job Documents & Access to Document Categories

Job sheets can be created on a job. Using document categories you can control what user types can create different types of documents. Job sheets use mail merge to insert job details such as address, job description and information relating to the activities. If the user creating the document has user­team filtering enabled the job sheet will only generate with activities the use has access to on the job. If you have multiple subcontractors using the same user type you may wish to set their access to generate job sheets but unable to view existing documents that appear in the job document tab. This will prevent users opening a job sheet from another subcontractor login which will contain different activities.


Site Details

Users can have access to view site details but unable to modify site, archive or create job unless you provide additional user type rights.


Access to the Contacts tab against site, ability to view contact details but unable to modify or add a new contact unless you provide additional user type rights.

Site Work Tab

The tab to display jobs raised against the site will use the User­Team filtering. This will allow users to review previous jobs they have completed against a site.


Search - Views & Groups

The search tabs for Jobs, Sites, Contacts and Assets can be used for subcontractors. Jobs, Site and Contact search pages currently filter the results based on the User­Client relationship for the logged in user. The results for the Job Search page will now also be filtered based on the User­Team relationship.

Permission for the option for ‘ALL’ against Jobs, Sites, Contacts and assets can be granted using the right called ‘Determines if the All option is available in the search page’. Without this right the users will only be able to access search views that have been created and shared with their user types.

There is a second right to control if the users can create their own search views or see the search box on the All Jobs page. The right is called [MANAGE_SEARCH_CRITERIA]. This will allow the Oneserve client to create particular views for the subcontractor and share them with the user type. This will restrict the subcontractors adding additional columns to the search and using different filters to see additional data that the Client doesn't want to share.

Quick Search

The Quick Search box in the menu header will honour the User Team filtering relationship. Views & Groups

Admin Section


The admin page to manage teams will use the User­Team filtering. This provides access for the user to manage their teams, resources and their working/non working time. It is important to allow sickness/holiday/unavailable time to be assigned to stop appointments from being scheduled to a unsuitable date/time.

User Type Rights If the subcontractor should be moving jobs between job statuses you will need to allocate the condition rights from the workflow transitions. As this will be different for each client it has not be included in the generic subcontractor user type rights.


Job Team

The Job team can be a Team the user does not have access to. The Team field will be visible on the Job Details screen. This is because the User­Team filtering is achieved by filtering by Job team and/or Activities and you can have multiple teams assigned to different activities on one job.

The following pages will not use the User­Team filtering.

  • Appointment Search
  • Job History
  • Job Survey
  • Job Attributes

Search Activity columns

They will display the total quantity for activities on the job and not filtered by User­Team. Therefore we do not recommend creating subcontractor search views depending on the activities being completed or not.

Search columns to avoid:

  • All Activities Complete
  • Total Activity Count
  • Total Completed Activity Count

Create Job

If you allow users to create or clone jobs when they have the user team filtering option enable they will not see the job activities once the new job has been raised. This is due to the Job Activity tab filtering activities using the team field and when the system creates a job it doesn't assign a team to the activities.

After an appointment has been created on the job it will assign the team to the activities which will then allow the user to view the details. An alternative will be to use the edit option against the activities by a user who doesn't have user team filtering enabled, once the team has been assigned it will show for the users who do have user team filtering enabled.

Mobile Application

The mobile user will be able to see all activities on the job, they will only have access to click on the activities assigned to their appointment