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If your purchase order payment process or subcontractor payments are managed through a number of different systems and processes, most of which are manual. It could be that the process is overly complex and inefficient with too much intervention and error.

The new process will allow job activities in Oneserve to be selected with the option to request an order. Integration with your chosen purchase order system can be created to pick up activities at the default status and raise in a third party system. Updates to the order status, quantity and reference number will be sent back and updated in Oneserve.

If you would like to discuss this integration option please contact your account manager or the support desk. 



Activity Status

Users will require the user type right called Activity Status [ACTST] to access the page mentioned in the steps below

  1. Open the Admin menu and select the Activity Status page
  2. The table will display the status options already configured, Click on a row if you need to change the settings
  3. Use the plus icon to create a new statusScreen_Shot_2017-03-06_at_11.04.34.png
  4. Complete the ‘New Activity Status’ form.


Name: The name will appear against the activity line on the Job Activity tab.

Allow activity edit: With this option set to off users will only have access to edit the Completed Quantity and Note fields under the edit pencil and the green tick to complete the activity.

If the setting is set to on users will have full edit controls over the activity fields, this will be useful if the order has been rejected and the user needs to make modifications before creating a new order.

Default Status: You can only have one activity status with this setting enabled. When a user selects the job activities and clicks on the Create Order option the activities will have the default status assigned. The integration package will be configured to select activities at this status to raise in the purchase order system.


Once you have configured the status options required for your order process the status ID’s will need to be sent to your implementation partner. The IDs will be referenced in the API’s


Application Setting

You will need to request a setting to be activated by Oneserve to see the Activity Status and Reference field on the Job Activity tab.
The application setting is called DISPLAY_ACTIVITY_ORDERS

Once the setting has been activated you will see two new columns on Job Activity called Order Status and Reference.


User Type Right

For users to see the new Create Order option on the Job Activities tab they will require the following right.

Name: Raise order against job activity


Using the Functionality

Creating the Order

  1. If you have job versioning enabled you will need to create a new version
  2. Select the Job Activity tab
  3. The Activities configured in Oneserve will require £1 cost values. Once the activity has been assigned to the job the quantity field will be used to determine the cost value. Eg a £60 order would need a activity with £1 and a quantity of 60.
  4. Assign a team to the activity using the pencil icon. The team will need to have a type of sub-contractScreen_Shot_2017-03-06_at_11.06.16.png
  5. Select the activity using the tick box
  6. Click on the Create Order buttonScreen_Shot_2017-03-06_at_11.06.36.png
  7. The default activity status will be assigned to the activity if it matches the required configuration, if the activity fails the user will receive a validation message to indicate to the user what they will need to change.
  • The validation information has been included in the next section.


The reference field will be populated via the integration package, the reference will be the ref used on the external system.

The activity order status and reference cannot be changed in Oneserve, it will only receive updated via the APIs used as part of the integration.

Activity History
If you click on the Activity history icon you will be able to view the user type who created the activity order by looking for the Ordered action.

  • You will find this icon against every activity line on the Job Activity tab.


Activity Edit

The ability to edit the activity once an order has been raised will depend on the activity status settings.

If the Activity Status has the edit option off the edit pencil will take the user to the edit page but all fields except Completed Quantity and Notes will be locked. This is to prevent changes happening in Oneserve resulting in the details held in the third party system to be out of date.


The bin icon will be removed.


If the Activity Status has the edit option on the edit pencil will take the user to the edit page with all fields available. This could be used for a rejected status when users are required to make amendments before creating a new option.



  1. If you have not populated a team against one or more activities the order will not generate.


  1. If the team assigned to one or more of the activities does not a type of subcontractor the order will not generate


To change the type you will need to complete the following steps

    1. Open the Admin menu
    2. Select the Teams page
    3. Click on your team
    4. Click on Modify Team
    5. Change the Type field to be Sub-Contract


  1. If the user has selected activities assigned to different teams the order will not generate and the user will receive the following message


  1. If the activity already has an order generated and the status has the edit functionality switch off a new order will not generate and the user will receive the following message.



Additional Information

  • Once an order has been created for a activity users shouldn’t be scheduling appointments, this is due to the team value against the activity being updated by the scheduling process. This could lead to activity teams changing after an order has been raised.
  • Activities should not be scheduled to appointments used by the mobile application. The mobile application has the ability to edit the activity which will not be restricted.

For the Get and Post API details please click here 

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