What is a Oneserve System Administrator?


What is a System Administrator?

As a Oneserve System Administrator you are the first point of contact for all your team’s day-to-day Oneserve needs. With a thorough understanding of the Oneserve system you are able to guide your team on getting the most out of the Oneserve system. Additionally, you will be able to navigate them to the most relevant documentation on the Oneserve Help Centre.

Should any issues arise outside of your knowledge set, due to your solid understanding of Oneserve, you are able to precisely and thoroughly explain the issue to the Oneserve Support Team so that we can reach a resolution quickly.

Why Do You Need a System Administrator?

  • Increased productivity - users who are less experienced with the system than you are inevitably going to encounter minor issues. With an expert in-house, you can resolve your team’s issues quickly and without delay
  • Faster resolution to more involved issues - for more complex issues that require Oneserve Support, your in-depth knowledge of Oneserve will help to pinpoint the issue and resolve it in a more timely manner
  • Cost savings - given your understanding of how Oneserve is set up, when you and your team identify efficiency improvements, you can make these tweaks to the system yourself without the need to outsource these works to Oneserve. This saves you both time and money

Core skills required to excel as a System Administrator
Most System Administrators are natural problem solvers with an attention to detail, but in addition to this, you will need an understanding of:

  • Your business processes from start to end, including operational and financial processes
  • Your business suppliers and how they interact with Oneserve
  • Databases and how making changes will impact that database
  • Interfaces, including their purpose and what triggers them
  • The Oneserve SLAs and the different severity levels
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