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The work type page has been redesigned to make it easier to configure and manage work types, we have introduced modals against several fields to allow users to create new values whilst they are in the work type page to avoid navigating back and forward to the separate admin pages.

New work types will be created with the active flag set to true by default, the work type will not be available on jobs until it has been linked to a work log type. 

The old work type page had a couple of description fields which we have updated to make it clearer what the values are for. The old description field has been changed to be the name field and the long description has been called description. The values within these fields for exisiting work types will remain the same.

A couple of fields have been removed as they are no longer required, the fields are 

  • Short Description 
  • Export Jobs
  • Include Cost Code 

User Type Rights: Work Types [WEL]



Work Type Documents

The document tab against work types has been updated to follow the new format, the document tab is used to assign the different types of documents that appear in the export button against a job (Eg job sheet, invoice)

User Type Right: Work Type - Documents tab [WTDTR]


Work Type Clients 

Controlling work type - clients use to have a separate page against the work type, this tab has been removed and the ability to associate clients to the work type has moved to the main details page. Previously the client to work type relationship did not affect the job creation process so users could create a job against a work type where the client hadn't been linked. We have introduced this functionality with the new upgrade. If you would like to turn this new setting on please raise a support request here

The setting will check the client against the site selected in the create job form before it loads the work log types. This will be useful if you have contracts with your clients to only deliver work for paticular types of jobs. 

The application Setting is called RESTRICT_WORK_LOG_TYPE_BY_CLIENT 


Impact - To prevent jobs failing to create after the upgrade due to work type configuration we have added the client to work type filtering as a on off setting. By default the setting will be disabled, once you have confirmed your work types have the correct clients mapped our support desk can enable this setting for you. 


Stock Management

Request Parts

A button called Request parts has been added to the mobile application to allow users to connect to the Job Part tab for the desktop application.

To use this option the user needs to select their appointment on the mobile device, click on the parts tab and select ‘Request Parts’ the desktop will open in a new browser tab

The users will need the following two user type rights

  • Display Job - Part Tab [VJP]
  • Parts [SMCPL]


Impact - Unless your mobile users have the rights to access the parts tab on the desktop before the upgrade they will not notice any changes. You will need to go into the user type right page and assign the rights mentioned above.


Part Status - Pending 

A new status has been created for Pending, this status can be used at the beginning of the request part process to check the parts before they are sent to your vendor. Two new rights have been created to deliver the configuration to use the pending part status. The first right will determine what status the requested parts will use and the second right will allow users to approve the pending parts.

  1. User type right called ‘Add Job parts as pending’ [JOB_PARTS_ADD_AS_PENDING]

If the right has been assigned to the user type the requested parts will be created/assigned to the job with a Pending status. Without this right parts will continue to be assigned with a Requested status


  1. User type right called ‘Job part confirm requested parts’ [JOB_PARTS_CONFIRM_REQUESTED_PARTS]

This right will add the ‘Confirm Requested Parts’ button to the job parts tab, this button will be used against requested parts with a status of Pending, once approved the parts will have a status of requested and can be sent to the vendor.


Impact - By default these new rights will not be assigned to any user types therefore after the upgrade you will not notice any changes. If you open the user type right admin page you will be able to assign the rights to the required user types to use the functionality 


Part Cost Right 

A user type right has been created to control whether the cost field will be displayed on the Request a part option for a job. By removing this right from user types you can prevent users changing the default part cost when they are not in the position to do so. 

Right name is Display cost on Job Parts [JOB_PARTS_DISPLAY_COST]

Screen_Shot_2017-03-05_at_21.54.42.png Screen_Shot_2017-03-05_at_21.54.32.png

Impact - By default all user type accessing the job part tab will have this new right assigned, this is to prevent users losing access they had before the upgrade. Please use the user type right page if you would like to start removing the cost field from user types 


Add Part Right 

A new user type right has been created to control the plus icon on the job parts tab. Without this right the plus icon will not be visible.The users will still have the access to request parts against a job.

Right name Add parts used on job parts JOB_PARTS_ADD_PART


Impact - Users who have access to this page will have the new right assigned, this will allow the users to experience the same behaviour after the upgrade. You will need to use the user type right page to remove this right to restrict paticular users.


User - Vendor relationship 

Against the user settings a new filter option has been created for Vendor, once it has been enabled the multi select vendor field will be available. You can use vendors against your parts to restrict the items in the part catalogue users can select from. 

Steps to see this, click on the admin cog - select users - select a user row or create a new user - add the bottom of the add/edit panel will be the vendor setup.


The user - vendor relationship will affect the Job Part tab. Both the add and request functionality will filter the available part list depending on the preferred vendor for the part. If the preferred vendor against the part does not match the logged in user to vendor relationship the part will not be visible


Impact - By default this setting will be disabled for all users, after the upgrade you will have to manually enable the option for each user required for the functionality.


Mandatory Parts on the Mobile

New functionality has been developed to make the parts tab mandatory for the mobile applications. Users will be required to add one part or use the 'No parts Required' option before the Work Complete and Additional Appointment button are available. This option will be controlled by a user type right so you can control what users will need to complete the part section. 

User Type Right: Mandatory Parts on Mobile MPM

If the use has the right the parts tab will be highlighted as mandatory, once a part action has been performed the icon will be replaced with a green tick.

This functionality will be useful if your mobile users are not completing the job stock process or you are introducing a new stock process and worried about users not adapting to the change. 


Impact - By default this user type right will not be assigned to any user types therefore it will not affect any users until you manually assign the right. 

Area Description Impact
Coding Rename Code to Coding for the admin page and search views This is a name change and not additional functionality for this page. When you look at the admin page the link to Code will now be Coding. The job search page will now reference Coding instead of Code, all saved job searches with the filter or column will be updated automatically. 
Create Job The option to select Activity Group on the create job screen has been reordered to display in alphabetical order If you use the Activity Group option on the create job screen the options will appear in a alphabetical order after the upgrade. This field is used to filter the activity dropdown whilst you are creating a job so it is not a mandatory field users have to use.
Document Template The document template builder allows you to create letter and survey documents. The page can be accessed under the admin menu. It use to require HTML to build the template but it has been enhanced to add front end edit tools to make it easier to create the template. Existing document templates on your system will not be affected but if you edit or create new templates you will see the new edit options. 
Link Job The search field on the link jobs window has been updated to exclude job references that have already been linked to the job If you use the link job functionality you will be use to the search box to find the jobs that need to be linked. This search will no longer display job references that have already been assigned to the job the user is on. The impact to users using this functionality would be that they could see job references not returning in the search box so they would need to go back to the job and check if it has already been assigned
Mobile Timeout Two new settings have been reconfigured to allow our support team set the mobile time out for your application. Setting number 1 is for the activity timeout which will control how many minutes the user can be inactive on the mobile application before the user will be required to re-enter their password. Setting number 2 controls how many minutes/hours the user can be active on the mobile application before the user is required to complete a full login.

Setting number 1 has a default value of 7 days.

Setting number 2 has a default value of 60 days.

If you would like to alter these values please submit a support request

Scheduler The field for Resources on the fixed scheduler has been changed to a multi select field. The new field type will make it easier to select a couple of resources to schedule appointments for instead of viewing the whole team at once. This brings it in line with the multi select used for the team field. This is a change to the scheduler design so it will not have a direct impact on scheduling functionality. If you open the scheduler page or create a fix appointment, open the resource dropdown and select multiple resources. You will need to click on the All option to unselect it if you are going to look at individual resources.
User / Scheduling A new option against user accounts has been created to use the Mobile Team and Mobile Resource fields as defaults for the scheduler, with this setting the scheduler will use the values in these fields to pre populate the team and resource. This setting will restrict users to only schedule appointments to particular resources if they do not have the user right to change the team and resource fields By default all users will have this functionality disabled. If you would like to enable it you will need to open the admin menu, select the users page. Click on your user and the new Default Schedule Values will be towards the end of the edit user panel.
User Type Right - Search Data Export A new user type right called 'Allow Data Export' has been created to control access for export icons on the search pages. This will cover the following search tabs Jobs, Sites, Contacts and Assets All Users will have this right after the upgrade so it will continue with the same behaviour your users have now. After the upgrade you will be able to remove this right from user types if you would like to take away the search export functionality
User Type Right - View Work Log The right called View Incident VIN has been renamed to View Work Log. This right controls the access to view work log details by clicking on the Work Log Ref from the job details screen. Users who had the right called VIN will still have access to view the job work log. Using the User Type Right page you can find the right in the list of preallocated rights or use the search box to allocate it.
Users If the option for 'Apply Team Filtering' against a user account has been enabled the Mobile Team field has been changed to only display Teams assigned in the team field above.  If you are using the team filtering option against a user account it will have a impact on the mobile team field used to create a mobile login. After you switch team filtering on and select the teams the user can access it will filter the Mobile Team filed at the bottom of the user page to only display the linked teams. This will prevent mobile users being created with a resource within a team that user cannot access. Team Filtering will restrict the user to only see jobs, the job activities, appointments and costs assigned to that team as well as the options under the team dropdown on the scheduler page. This functionality was aimed at subcontractors logging into your system where they should only have access to their jobs and information.
Workflow Against the workflow transitions, new validation has been created to prevent a user turning both options on for Create Version and Submit Version, a transition can either create a version or submit because both settings on together would not provide useful functionality Creating a new transition for a step in the workflow will disable one of the version options for create or submit depending on what setting was enabled. If you have preconfigured your transitions to create and submit on the same transition please speak to our support team.
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