Please note once the Invoice has been completed you cannot edit or delete it.

To locate the "Invoices" page first click "Stock" on the main menu bar, "Invoices" can be found on the left hand side.

User Type Rights: A list of Part Invoice rights can be found under Stock Management 

Add a new invoice

  1. To add a new invoice first click on the [+] add button, this will open a new form which is used to input the data on the invoice.
  2. The first box is labelled "Invoice Ref" and is used to input the reference number of the invoice. Invoice Ref Validation - to prevent users creating the same invoice twice the system will check the invoice ref and vendor combination doesn't already exist
  3. The next box is labelled "Date" and is used to input the date of the invoice.
  4. The drop down menu labelled "Vendor" is used to select the vendor of the invoice.
  5. To finish creating the invoice press "Create".
  6. To cancel the creation of the new invoice press "Cancel".
 Adding a new part to an invoice
  1. To add a part to an invoice, first open the invoice you want to add the part to.
  2. Then press the [+] add button, this will open a form.
  3. Select the Part drop down or use the Search by GR if you have a Good Receipt number. There is a client param (PIDGR) that will set the 'Search by GR' as the default option instead of parts, if you would like this to be activated please contact
  4. "Quantity" - a box for entering the quantity of items the invoice is for.
  5. "Cost" - box for entering the total cost for that particular item.
  6. When you've finished press "Add" to add the part.
  7. This will display a table below that shows you the relating Goods Receipt/s for that particular item.
  8. "Cost" - allows you to update the cost.
  9. "Quantity to invoice" - allows you to update the quantity.
  10. Click add to add this to the invoice.
  11. A User Type Right called 'Parts invoice - amend with cost higher than PO'  will control if a user can add a cost higher then the attached Purchase Order 
  12. Once you have added the item you will be taken to the following screen, from here you can complete the following steps.


Editing an invoice
  1. To edit an invoice, first select the invoice you want to edit.
  2. Then press the edit button. 
  3. This will open a form like the one used to create an invoice (see steps above).
  4. When you have finished editing the invoice just press the "Update" button to save your changes.
  5. Note: you can't edit an invoice that has already been completed.
Deleting a part from an invoice
  1. To delete a part from an invoice, first open the invoice you want to delete the part from.
  2. Then find the part in the table and in the action column press the delete button.
Deleting an invoice
  1. To delete an invoice, first select the invoice you want to delete then press the delete button.

Print an invoice

  1. To print an invoice please click the icon highlighted below.
Searching for an invoice
  1. To search for an invoice you can either search by:
  2. "Vendor" - select the desired vendor using the drop down menu.
  3. "Status"  - select the status of the goods receipt using the drop down menu.
  4. "Filter" - type in the reference you are looking for in the box labelled "Filter"
  5. "Received Date" - click into the boxes to display the calendar or alternatively type in the date.