Invoices and Credit Notes



  1. Once a job has been Commercially Reviewed and the costs have been confirmed as being correct, move the job to the Invoiced status.
  2. Invoice number will be generated and displayed on the Costs tab.
  3. Print the Invoice by selected the Invoice document from the drop down at the top right and click on Print Selected Document.
  4. See Financial Export section for details on how to Export the Costs to Sage.
Credit Notes
Once a Job has been invoiced it shouldn't normally change but if a charge is queried or for some other reason the Invoice needs to be amended follow the examples below.
  1. Create Version.
  2. Remove the Activities from the Job which you wish to Credit and add any additional Activities in. For more information on how to do this please see the the Activities Section.
  3. Alternatively, add a Manual Job Cost entry for an amount (negative or positive) which adjusts the overall job cost to the necessary amount - add a description to this cost.  For more information please see the Job Costs section.
  4. If you wish to issue a Credit Note to the client (e.g. the Invoice has already been paid), click on Generate New Credit Note number.
  5. Alternatively, if you wish to re-invoice the client (e.g. the Invoice has been rejected or there is an additional cost due to additional activities), click on the Generate New Invoice Number.
  6. Submit Version.
Printing the Invoice or Credit Note
  1. You can print either an Invoice document or a Credit Note document by selecting the document from the drop down at the top right and click on Print Selected Document.
  2. You can choose which costs appear on the Invoice or Credit Note by changing the Cost Type on each cost.  This helps if you want to remove Activities that appear twice as they have been reversed or if you want to produce a Credit Note for a specific amount.  Only certain Cost Types will show on the document.  Check with your admin user if you're not sure which these are.  
  3. NOTE that you need the EJCTYPE Right to be able to change the Cost Type.  To change the Cost Type:
    1. Click on the edit icon next to the Cost.
    2. Select the new Cost Type from the drop down and click Save.
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