Creating a New Client


New clients can be set up on Oneserve and you can either manually enter new activities or copy activities from an existing client.

User Type Right - Clients [VCLNT] Ammend Client [ACLNT]

1. To create a new client you will need to go to the Admin menu and select the 'Clients' link.

2. Select the plus sign on the top left.

3. Enter the details for your new client. 

4. For the activities you can select to copy the activities assigned to a existing client by using the first drop down. You have the option to copy the library activities and the work type mappings. The work type mappings mean it will copy the work types and work log types from your selected client. 

5. When you copy the activities from an existing client it will copy the same cost unless you use a Uplift/Discount. Example would be if you entered 2% for cost and sales it will automatically apply a 2% uplift to the cost for each activity from the original client.
If the original cost was 0 it will remain as 0 

6. If your activities are different for your new client you can either set them up individual on the system, instruction can be found under Activities. Second option is to request the activity template which will be used to bulk import activities. Please email for a copy of the template form.

7. Once you have entered the name, address and selected a working calendar, click "Save" to save your changes.  The Account Number can hold a sage account number if it is required. Your new client will be added to the main client list.

8. You can add further detail to your client including invoice address, contract name, VAT rate by following the steps on the Editing Client Details section.



User Type Rights - Users [USE] and User Client Access modification [UCA]

Once your new client has been created you will need to allocate the rights for accessing the client to individual users including yourself.

1. Go to the Admin menu and select the Users page

  2. Click on the user you would like to edit.

  3. Select the clients in the client dropdown. 

4. Once the changes are saved the user will be able to access the client.

Client Sets  

If you are using client sets you can assign your new client to an exisiting set. Any users with this set assigned will automatically inherit access to the new client. 

For more information please view Client Sets


Job Coding

If you use the coding field on the QJC you will need to assign your new client to the individual codes. 

For details on how to do this please see the Configuring Codes help page