Stock Transfer


Sometimes it is necessary to move stock from one store to another. Oneserve has a simple and intuitive menu which allows you to easily move stock and keep track of what is where.


  • To get to the part transfer screen, select "Stock" from the top menu and select "Part Transfer"



Searching for a part in a store

  • To search for a part you can either search by the category using the "Part Category" drop down menu or you can type for the part you are looking for in the box labelled "Filter"




  • To transfer a part, first select the category of the part in the "Part Category" dropdown
  • Next, select the source store using the "From" menu
  • Then select the destination store u the "To" menu



  • Find the part you need to transfer and enter the quantity to transfer into the transfer box
  • Add a transfer reason to specify why you are moving the stock



  • Click on the arrow to move the stock from one store to another

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