Vendors are required before you can create purchase orders on Oneserve. Your vendor should represent the company/supplier providing the stock. Purchase orders will ask for one vendor on the creation step, the details linked to the vendor will appear on a purchase order print out so it is helpful to fill out the address fields if you have the information.

User Type Right - Vendors [SMCVL]

The vendor page will be available under the stock menu, if you do not have this option you will also need the rights for Stock [STOCK]  and Stock [SMP]

Searching for a vendor
  1. To search for a vendor you need to type in the vendor you are looking for in the box labelled "Filter".
Adding a new Vendor
  1. To add a new vendor first click on plus button. 
  2. Next a form will appear, in this form there are several boxes (please see below screenshot)
  3. "Name" is used to enter the name of the vendor.
  4. "Address" is used to enter the address of the vendor.
  5. "Post Code" is used to input the vendors post code.
  6. "Phone" is used to enter the phone number of the vendor.
  7. "Email" is used to input the vendors main email.
  8. "Account Number"  is used to enter your account number for the vendor.
  9. "Contact Name" is used to enter the name of your contact at that vendor.
  10. "Contact Email" is used to enter the email address for your main contact at the vendor.
  11. "Contact Phone" is used to enter the direct number for your main contact at the vendor.
  12. "Contact Other" is used to enter any other relevant information you wish to add to the vendor.
  13. To finish creating the new vendor press "Create", if you want to create several stores in quick succession you can click on the tick box labelled "Create Another" this will allow you to create another vendor after the current one.
  14. To cancel the creation of the new store press "Cancel".
Editing a Vendor
  1. To edit a vendor click on the vendor you want to edit.
  2. A form will appear which allows you to edit all of the details of the vendor.
  3. When you have finished editing the vendor you can press "Update" to save the changes.
Deleting a Vendor
  1. To delete a vendor or several vendors first select the vendor(s) you want to delete by using the tick boxes on the left hand side.
  2. Then press the delete button (The delete button is the one that looks like a bin).
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