Change Job Reported Date For Past Jobs


If you receive jobs out of hours that you need to retrospectively add to Oneserve, you create the job in the normal way using the QJC. Once the job is created follow the steps below to change the reported date.

By default the reported date will be set to the time the job was created, if you need to change the date you will need to take into account of the job priority. The job priority will use the reported date to calculate the job target date.

User Type Right - View Work Log [VIN] 

  1. Open a job to the job details page
  2. Click on the Work Log Ref under the Summary section Screen_Shot_2017-03-17_at_10.57.29.png
  3. Click on the 'Change Work Log Details' button 
  4. Change the date and time in the date reported fieldScreen_Shot_2017-03-17_at_10.58.01.png
  5. Save the changes, when you return to the job details the Reported date under the date section will update. 

By changing the reported date your target date on the job will be updated by applying the priority response time to the new reported date. 

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