Uploading and Viewing Documents against a Job and Site


Documents can be uploaded against individual jobs or sites, this could range from photos, letters, manuals or job sheets. The document can be uploaded manually using the Job and Site Document tab or photos can be added to a job using the camera icon on the mobile application. The option to download documents will only be available on the desktop application. 

Using document categories you can restrict user types on what categories users can upload documents against, view assigned documents and the ability to download exisiting job and site documents. 

User Type Right - Display Job - Document Tab [JDO], Display Site - Documents Tab. [SDO] and Document Categories [DDC]

Uploading Documents to a Job/Site

  1. Open the Job Document tab or Site Document tab
  2. Select the upload button Screen_Shot_2017-03-17_at_08.17.19.png
  3. Use the '+ Select Files' button to search for a document on your system or you can drag and drop the files into the upload window
  4. You can use the pencil icon to change the name of the file
  5. Use the dropdown to select your document category, the category is important because it will determine what user types will be able to view and download this document once it has been uploaded to the job/site.


6. Select 'Upload Files' to add the documents to the job/site


7. The documents will appear in the table view, once uploaded you will have a action dropdown against each document row. 

  • The Download option will create the file on your machine
  • The Edit option allows the name and description to be altered
  • The delete option will remove the document from the job/site


The filters for Category, uploaded by and type will only show values that match the documents assigned to the job or site. This will make it easier to view the available options and prevents users selecting a filter that doesn't return any results. 


Viewing Documents

  1. Open the Job Document tab or Site Document tab
  2. To view a document you will need to download the file to your machine, to do this click on the actions button and select download

If you are unable to see the download option it will be due to your document category configuration, please review the section below for more information. 



Generating Job Documents

Document templates can be configured for different job work types, these templates will appear in the download button at the top of the job pages. To have access to print these documents the user type will require the Generate permission on the document category page. 

More information about configuring work type documents can be found here 


Document Categories

Document categories are used to group documents by the type and provides access control to determine what user types can view, upload and generate the documents. For more information please review the following guide

Document Category user guide 


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