Manually Completing Jobs



A job can be moved to the next status by either an update from the mobile device, or manually by selecting the next process button on the job details screen or by using the bulk job update process. The mobile update will only move a job into the work started status or work completed status.


To manually move a job to the next status click on the action button at the top left of the job details screen. The button will display the action that you are about to take. Depending on the action the job will either move directly to the next status or you will be asked to confirm a choice of actions or add additional details.


Example Reactive job statuses

The process that a job will go through & what should be completed at each status on reactive works typically looks like the following. You can check the details in the job history tab of any job, for more information please see the Job History page.

  • Waiting to Start Appointments and materials should be made and checked/ordered.
  • Work in Progress Status is updated from the mobile device when engineer has started the appointment. If additional appointments are requested the job will stay at this status until all activities are completed.
  • Work Completed All activities are completed and the job is completed from the mobile device.
  • Operationally Reviewed A check that ensures that all times and material usage have been recorded; this can be done through the bulk job process if required. This ensures that operationally all information has been added to the job before it moves into the commercial processes.
  • Commercially Reviewed - A commercial staff member ensures that all work has been added correctly to cost the job and the job is ready to be applied for payment
  • Ready for Application - Any application reports or interfaces can be run at this point and then once run moved to the next status.
  • Applied - Application for payment has been made and awaiting approval.
  • Certified or Application Queried - if queried job will then move to Applied and move through the application processes again.If certified the job can then be invoiced, if rejected the job should then be amended and it will then go through the application process again.
  • Sales Invoice Requested - Appointments Interfaces to financial systems to retrieve invoice numbers can be run at this status or updates to the job to add the invoice number through the bulk job update process can be made to then run any invoice documents or reports at this status.
  • Invoiced - Invoice has is printed and sent or finance system is updated through interfaces.

Example cyclical job statuses

The process that a job will go through & what should be completed at each status on an example cyclical works is:

  • Make First Appointment - Appointment letters to be sent.
  • Waiting to start - Appointment agreed. Engineer will go out to appointment and either completes the appointment or fail to gain access. If access cannot be gained then go to
  • First Appointment Carded – Make Second Appointment if completed go to:
  • Certificate & Worksheet Check
  • First Appointment Carded – Make Second Appointment - Attempt to agree another appointment, mark whether appointment has been agreed or not. Job will then go back to Waiting to start. This process will cycle for 3 appointment attempts, if at the third attempt access can still not be gained the job will move to Gas Referred to Client where either the job will remain at a legal status while legal processes are being carried out, or the service is then completed and moved to Certificate & Worksheet Check.
  • Certificate & Worksheet Check - The certificate requirements will have been updated through the mobile device by the engineer. A random check of certificates can be made at this status and if ok moved to the next status, if amendments need to be made the job can be marked by noting that there were mistakes when moving to the next status and then amending before agreeing the check. The bulk of the remaining jobs that have not been selected for random checks can be moved through the check status by using the bulk job update. Checks need to be carried out to ensure all times and materials have been added to the job.
  • Job Complete - Certificate can be printed.
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