Adding Parts To A Job

Parts can be assigned to jobs using the desktop or the mobile application. For the parts to work on the mobile the user logging in must have a store associated to their resource account. To check this go to Stock - Stores - Edit stores and check resource names. 
Only parts assigned to the store with a positive quantity can be used for jobs on the mobile application but parts can be purchased as long as the part has been linked to the store at some point.  
User Type Right: 
Manage Parts on Mobile [PARMO] - Required to see the parts tab against appointments
Display quantity purchase field on mobile [RECEIVE_PARTS_ON_MOBILE]’ - This will control the Quantity purchase field when the user selects the stock management section. 
To view Parts used on a Job
  1. Login to the mobile app and select an Appointment from the list to view the Appointment Details screen. 


2. Click on the Parts button which is the the top right tab. This screen shows the parts that have currently been assigned to the job.     

3. You can now choose to add a new Part to this job (indicate part usage) or edit the usage quantity on an existing part.

Adding a Part to a Job (Part Usage)

1. Use the plus icon on the part tab.     
2. Select a Part Category or use the search icon to view all parts.                                                                                              
3. One you have found the part that needs to be assigned to the job select it, this will open the add part window.  


4. Enter the quantity of this Part that has been used and select save.
Editing the Parts Used on a Job
  1. Once a part has been added to a Job you can edit the quantity used or remove the part by clicking on the part.                                                                              
  2. Enter the revised quantity and touch Update or touch the Delete button to delete entirely.
Adjusting Stock Levels (Purchasing)
  1. You may also adjust the stock level of a part carried by a Resource (e.g. van stock).
  2. Navigate to the mobile home page (below) and select the Parts menu item.
  3. This will take you to the Parts Category list 
  4. Select the Part Category and Part to be adjusted.  
  5. Enter the quantity purchased and an optional Reference field and touch Save. The user will then need to go to the job and assign the part if they are using it.