Surveys and Assets on Mobile


In order to complete surveys log in to the mobile app and locate job assigned to you. Make sure that you have started working on selected job or a job "In Progress" has been selected. You can find more information about how to use Oneserve Mobile by reading the Mobile App section.


Locating surveys

  1. Click on the survey button which is the clipboard symbol with two numbers next to it. The first number identifies number of surveys completed in this appointment the later number of all surveys available for this appointment.                                                        
  2. Button will become red if completion of the surveys is required in order to start work on a specific appointment, for example a risk assessment.
  3. The button will be inactive if there are no surveys added to this specific appointment and the numbers will appear as 0/0.

Completing surveys

  1. In order to complete selected survey click on the survey name with the status "Pending".
  2. Keep following the arrows to complete the questions.
  3. Complete the required questions, mandatory fields have a red line on the left hand side, this will turn green once completed. Non mandatory fields are not coloured. Once you have completed all the questions click accept.                                               
  4. If there are more sets of questions to be completed you will be taken back to the screen below, notice one section is now green as this is complete.   
  5. Complete the questions as per step three.
  6. Once all the surveys are complete they will appear in green and the on the home screen the clipboard numbers will change to for example 1/1.

Adding Assets

  1. If you need to complete a survey against an asset, you will need to add the asset first. To do this select the + in the top right hand corner on the screen in step 2 in the completing surveys section above.                                               
  2. Select the relevant asset type.                                                                                    
  3. Select the relevant asset manufacturer.                                                                        
  4. Add the relevant asset details and click save.                                                          
  5. You will then be taken to the survey screen, where the link to the questions that need to be completed for the added asset will be displayed. Click on the link to view the asset and the relating questions.                                   
  6. After the asset details the link to the questions will appear. Follow this link.
  7. Complete all the questions and click accept as per the steps in the Completing Surveys section above.  The accept button will not appear until all the questions have been completed as required.
  8. You will be taken back to the asset screen, where the survey will be green, click accept to complete.                                           


The surveys will appear on the desktop application under Job Survey. You can review the results and print the survey.