Managing Assets on Sites


To add an Asset to a site you must first check that the asset exists in Oneserve. Please see the Adding and Managing Assets section for more information.  You will need to add an asset type, manufacturer, model and condition into the system in order to add an asset to a site.

Adding an Asset to a Site

  1. Go to the site you wish to add an asset to, by picking your preferred search method in the contacts and locations menu.
  2. First you must check that you have a location set up by going to the locations tab. If the location for the asset does not exist, click add location.
  3. Add a name and click the green tick to save.
  4. To add an asset to the location, hover your mouse over the correct location and an options box will appear.  Select the add asset icon which is the last one.
  5. You will then be taken through the wizard, where you select the asset type, manufacturer, model, condition and references.  The options available in these selections are determined from the configuration that is set up in the asset library.  If the combination that you require is not present a new library asset will need to be created in the assets menu by a super user.  See above critical info section for more details.
  6. The first step is to pick the asset type. Select from drop down menu and click the green arrow.
  7. The manufacturer drop down menu will then appear, select the correct manufacturer and click the green arrow pointing to the right.
  8. On the next screen the model, condition and Ref will need to be selected, click green tick to save.
  9. Once saved the location folder will contain the asset. Click the + to expand location folder to view or edit the asset, please see below for more details.
  10. Click asset tab to view the assets and any surveys attached. If you click on the asset in the table, the details will appear on the right hand side. For more information on adding surveys to assets please see the Surveys section.

Editing an Asset

  1. To amend the details against an asset, hover your mouse over the relevant asset and select the pencil icon (edit asset).
  2. This will take you to the following screen, click the edit button to open the editing screen.
  3. To change the survey details, click the arrow on the left hand side of the survey title this will display the survey questions. It should be noted that changing the survey results in this screen, will not change the results of a survey that are stored against a job and should be used with care.  Most updates to asset surveys should be carried out through a job.
  4. Once the required fields have been changed select the save button.