Managing Assets on Sites



Assets can be assigned to site locations and can be used to assign survey questions to work undertaken on that site. This is useful for any work that requires regular checks on existing assets, such as boiler repairs or gas surveys.

Note: Before you can add an asset to a site, you will first need to create the asset in your system so that it is selectable

User Type Rights

Code Name Description Right Type
SITE_LIST Sites Search Access to the sites search page Page Access
SLO Display Site - Locations Tab Access to the Location tab for a Site, this tab will be required for assets to be created and deleted Process Rights
SAS Display Site - Assets Tab Access to the Assets tab for a Site Process Rights
MSA Modify Site Assets Enables ability to add/edit/delete assets against a site Process Rights
VAA View Asset Attributes This right will allow the user to view the Attribute tab if they open an asset from the Asset search or through the Site - Asset tab and clicking on a row Process Rights
MAA Modify Asset Attributes If the user has the right mentioned above (VAA) to view asset attributes this right will allow the option to edit the values held against these attributes Process Rights


Adding an Asset to a Site

Note: In order to add an asset to a site, you will need to make sure you have at least one location set up against it

  • Search for the site you would like to modify and select it to bring up the site details
  • Click on the locations tab to bring up a list of locations against the site. If none exist, click on the [add location] button to create new location


  • Click on the tick icon to save your location. This will be shown as a folder on the left-hand side
  • Hover over the location and select the add asset icon to add a new asset


  • Select the type of the asset you would like to add from the drop-down menu and click on the green arrow to progress to the next step


  • Select the manufacturer of the asset from the drop-down menu that appears. Only manufacturers that are attached to the asset type will appear. Click on the green arrow to progress to the next step


  • Enter the model, condition, and unique reference of the asset in the menu that appears. If you choose to enter a new asset model, this value will be used instead of the value in the drop-down menu. Click on the tick icon to save your changes


  • Once the asset has been saved, you will be able to see it nested in the site location. Click on the + icon to expand the folder and see all asserts contained within


  • To see information about the asset, including survey data recorded from jobs, click on the asset tab and select the asset in question


Editing an Asset

  • Go to the assets tab on the site in question and click on the asset you would like to modify. Select the "Edit Asset" button above the asset details


  • To edit the location, reference, status, or condition of the asset, select the Edit option next to the related field in the Details tab


  • To edit attributes stored against the asset, click on the attributes tab and select the Edit option next to the attribute in question


  • Click on the tick icon to submit your changes

Deleting an Asset

Note: if you have a work programme activity set up against an asset on a site, this must be removed first. Removing the asset without removing the activity will cause the work programme site edit screen to return an error

  • Find the site in question and go to the locations tab to show the locations
  • Find the asset you would like to remove and hover over it to bring up the options. Click on the rubbish bin icon to delete the asset


  • When the confirmation window pops up, click Yes to confirm deletion of the asset