Printing & Queuing Documents



At various stages you may wish to print out documents about relating to a job, either for your own records or your customers'. Oneserve provides a simple and comprehensive document management system for each job, with documents being easy-to-create and safely stored on the cloud for future reference.


Printing Single Job Documents

  • In the selected job, go to the Documents tab to see all documents relating to the job


  • From the drop down menu in the top right of the job screen, select the document you would like to print. This will download the chosen document complete with all information as of the time it was printed


  • Once a letter has been printed it will appear in the documents tab of the job details page complete with a date stamp, document format, and record of the user who downloaded the document. This can then be reprinted at a later date by selecting "Download" from the "Actions" menu next to the document


Queuing Letters/Emails/SMS

Depending on how you have set up your notifications, letters will either be sent automatically or at the operator's discretion. See our help centre document on notifications for more information. If a letter is not set to be queued automatically, the option to queue it manually will become available after the first appointment has been booked.

  • Once the appointment has been booked, go to the "Options" menu at the top right of the job screen. From here you will be able to select the "Queue Letters" option


  • After this has been selected, a confirmation screen will appear. Click "Yes" to send out the notification


  • After the notification has been queued, a record will be stored in the "Job History" tab complete with a timestamp and a record of who sent out the notification