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The Job Creation page can be used to create a Job (and optionally locations and contacts) quickly. It uses the underlying configuration to determine what information to put against a job so that you can create jobs efficiently without having to enter more data than is strictly necessary.

To make use of the features outlined in this guide, ensure you have the necessary User Type Rights assigned to your user type.

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Automated Features

The job creation process is designed with automation in mind. In order to minimise the amount of data that needs to be entered with each job creation, Oneserve makes use of associated mappings to determine various details without the need for manual data entry. The following elements are selected automatically during the job creation process:

  1. The Service for the job is chosen based on the first activity added to the job. This is configured on the activity page
  2. The Work Type for the job is selected based on the Work Types associated with the Service selected in step 1 and the Work Log Type
  3. The Cause is populated based on the causes associated to the Work Type (based on the Cause Order specified in the config). This can be overridden during the job creation process
  4. The Team will be assigned based on the Service and who has Primary Post Code coverage for that location.  You can set preferred suppliers against the site or the Work Type
  5. The Workflow will be picked based on the Workflow associations to Work Type and Supplier.

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  • To access the job creation screen, select Create Job from the Create dropdown menu at the top of your Oneserve instance

img 1

Site Selection and Creation

  • Search for and select the relevant contact or site from the Contact Name or Address field

img 2

  • Once the site has been selected, the following fields will be automatically populated based on the site details:
    • Client
    • Usage Type
    • Site Type
    • Site Reference
    • Contact Name (if a contact has been associated
    • Contact Details (if a contact has been associated
    • Address

img 3

  • If the site does not exist, you can select Add New Site and populate these fields manually if you have the relevant User Type Rights

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Work Details

  • When the site has been selected, choose the relevant Work Log Type for the job from the right hand side of the screen

img 4

  • [Optional] - If the site has locations within it, you can select the relevant location from the Select Location dropdown

img 5

  • [Optional] - If the location has assets within it, you can select the relevant asset from the Select Assets dropdown

  • [Optional] - You can narrow down the possible list of activities by selecting an activity group from the Filter by Activity Group dropdown

img 6

  • Select an activity from the Search Activity Code or Activity Name dropdown. If you have selected a location/asset, activities will be attached to these by default

img 7

  • Repeat this process until you have selected all relevant activities and quantities
  • Select the job priority from the Priority dropdown

img 8

  • The selected priority will automatically populate the Target Date based on the number of days specified in the priority. This can be manually overridden by selecting a different date from the date picker

img 9

  • Select a Cause from the Cause dropdown menu

img 10

  • Enter a description with all necessary detail about the job

img 11

  • [Optional] - Select a job code from the Coding dropdown

img 12

  • [Optional] - Change the owner and enter a client reference. The owner field will be populated with the user creating the job by default

  • When everything has been filled out, select one of the options from the Submit menu

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