Creating Own Appointments

Oneserve Mobile provides the functionality for mobile operatives to search for Jobs and activities which can be turned into appointments.  This is useful in a number of scenarios such as Void Property Maintenance. 
Mobile users will need to have signal on their devices to use this functionality 
User Type Right - Adding Appointments via Mobile [CMA] 

1. Log into the mobile application, Create Appointment button wll be on the home page or select the appointment option and you will see a + icon in the header.   Screen_Shot_2017-07-11_at_08.23.14.png                                       


Both options will open the Job Search page

Insert the search criteria - this can be the Job Ref, Client Ref or the Site Address/Post-Code. 

Click the Search button to perform the search.  The jobs returned will depend on the following

  • The job has unassigned activities
  • The job status is within the Pending or In Progress group
  • The job team matches the team for the logged in resource                               

2. Scroll through the results to find the Job that is required and click on the job.


3. Any available activities will be displayed.                                                   

4. Select the activities to be worked on and click on Start Work Now


5. An appointment will be created for the current date/time with a duration based on the selected activities. This may result in conflicting appointments if the resource already has appointments booked for the same time.

6. The appointment will be added to your appointments list.  You can then continue to work on the appointment as you would normally.

7. If the user has access to the pooled scheduler they will have the option to Schedule. This will open the pooled schedule on the desktop application in a new browser tab. The user will need to select an available slot. 

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