Call Codes


Oneserve allows you to record "Call Codes" at the touch of a button.  This can be used in a call-centre environment to log every call that is received with a specific code.  These logs can be optionally associated to Jobs and Locations.

User Type Right - Codes [ECODE]

Logging a Call Code

  1. At any time when a Call Code needs to be logged the user simply touches the "L" key.  This brings up the Call Code Log screen. Alternatively please go to the Jobs menu and click Call Log.
  2. Code - Start typing the first few characters of the code and a list of codes will be displayed to select from.
  3. Contact Name or Location - this is an optional field but will allow you to add contact details or location for the call.
  4. Job Ref - this is an optional field but will allow you to add a Job Reference for the call.
  5. Notes - You may optionally also enter some Notes about the call.
  6. Create - click create to save the call log.

Configuring Call Code Logging

  1. To switch Call Code Logging on you have to have the Call Code right: "CLC".  Ask your super user to get access to this right.  For more information please see Managing User Type Rights section.
  2. You also need to have a set of codes to use when logging a call.  For more information on how to set up these codes please see the Configuring Codes section.


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