Your current stock levels will be held within one or more stores. The stores can represent your company office, warehouse and van stores. Van stores can be linked to resources using the resource name, this is how your mobile engineers will be able to use parts on their appointments. You can only link one resource to a store so you will need to create a separate store for each resource using stock. When you place purchase order you will need to specify a delivery store to allow the quantities to be updated in the store once the stock has been received.

User Type Right: Stores [SMCSL]


The stores page will be available in the stock menu, if you do not have this option you will also need the rights for Stock [STOCK]  and Stock [SMP]

Searching for a store
  1. To search for a store you can either search by the type using the "Store Type" drop down menu or you can type in the store you're looking for in the box labelled "Filter".
Creating Stores
  1. To add a new store use the plus button
  2. Name - This is where you input the name of the store. 
  3. Store Type - which allows you to select the type of store it is.
  4. Resource - which is used to allow you to select which resource is associated with the store. The resource name is pulled through from Admin > Teams > Resources. If you are setting up van stock you will need to have one store for every resource using stock. Without a store the resource will not be able to see any parts.
  5. Postcode - a post code for the store is a mandatory field, the rest of the address is not required but can be added if you wish to do so.  If the store is a resource van, the post code could be the office the van is stored at or the resources home post code. 
  6. Contact Name & Number - these are not mandatory fields. 
  7. Code - This field is non-mandatory, you can enter a code if your store has one or leave it blank. 
  8. To finish creating the store press "Create", if you want to create several stores in quick succession you can click on the tick box labelled "Create Another", this will allow you to create another store after the current one.
  9. To cancel the creation of the new store press "Cancel".
Editing Stores
  1. To edit a store first click on the store you want to edit.
  2. This will then open a form that is like the one used for adding a store (please see above).
  3. When you have finished editing the store simply press "Update" to save the changes.
Store Locations
You can specify locations against parts within your stores. This will identify where the part belongs within van stores or general warehouses. The field will be available on the stock search page, stock check and the mobile application. The benefits of adding locations will be for your users to easily find a part in stock or when they receive the stock through a goods receipt they will know where the parts should be stored.

 Setting Store Locations

  1. Open the Store page from the Stock menu
  2. Against a store select the Actions button and click on Parts
  3. Select the part row you would like to modify to add a location
  4. Enter the part location and use the green tick to save the details.

The Stock search page will show the location column next to the store name.

The Stock Check page will show the location field to make it easier to find the parts that need to be counted.

Goods Receipts - After assigning parts to the goods receipts the store and location will be visible to show where the parts should be stored. 

Mobile Application

The part location can be viewed and modified when the users select their store parts from the home page  

Adding parts against individual appointments will show the store location. 

Deleting Stores
  1. To delete a store or several stores first select the store(s) you want to delete using the tick boxes next to the store(s)
  2. Then press the delete button


Archiving a Store

You can archive a store if it does not contain any stock. You can transfer remaining stock out of the store using the transfer page. 

1. To archive a store select the stock menu link
2. On the left hand side select to Store page
3. Find the store you need to archive and under the actions button you will find archive. 

4. To reactivate a store select the 'Show inactive button 
5. Find your deactivated store and under the actions button click on activate.

Your store so reappear on the store list as active
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