Document Categories


Document categories are used to group types of documents and enable you to manage which user types can view the document groups. Document categories are used on the Job to control what users can print a new document, open an existing document or upload a new file.

Document categories are assigned to work type documents. Information regarding the configuration can be found here

User Type Right - Document Categories [DDC]

Document Categories

1. Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu
2. Select Document Categories link under the Other section
3. If you have already created a Document Category it will be displayed in the list view.


4. To create a new document category use the + icon at the top of the page

5. Permissions for document categories are allocated on a user type level. There are 3 options to select 


View - Ability to open a document that has already been created for a job or a site

Generate - The option to print the document against a job, to generate a document the document names will appear in the download dropdown. Once the document has been generated it will be added to the document list, the users will need the View permission if they need to access the pre generated documents. 


Manage - The option to upload a new document against a job or site using the category


Using Document Categories 

Once you have created a document category you will need to assign it to documents against work types. Steps on how to do this can be found here


Job Documents

The document drop down is controlled using Work Type Documents, the permission level for Generate will control if the user can see the documents. 

Once a document has been printed it will appear in the document tab, users will need the View to open the documents on this screen.

To add a new document manually the users will need the Manage for the category to appear in the dropdown.