Site Details Tab



The Site Details tab shows all relevant details about the selected site, including geographical information, notes about the site, and site considerations.

Tab Overview

Site Geography is determined using the site's postcode, and a map is generated from Google maps to give an interactive visual overview of the site's geographical location


On the right hand side you will see a summary of the site with information including the site ref, client, site group, and live date


Modifying Site Details

To modify any of these details, select the "Modify Site" option from the "Actions" drop-down menu


This will bring up an overview of the site details, with options to modify them


To modify a site's geographical information, change the address in the address lines. Changing the postcode will automatically alter the Lat/Long values if the source is set to "From Address"  


To add notes and site considerations, add them into the text boxes. You can also change the code, parent site, live date, and site status


To save any changes made, click "Save" in the top right of the screen. To discard the changes, click "Cancel"