Getting Started with the Oneserve Mobile App


Accessing the Mobile App

  1. The URL for you mobile application will be in the following format.<SITE-NAME>/ - where <SITE-NAME> is the name given to your application. We advise using Chrome for the browser where possible.
  2. Enter the username and password to sign in, if you are unable to sign in you will need to check the user account has been linked to a active resource.    


Logging in and retrieving your appointment data

  1. It is advised that your mobile users login to Oneserve to download the appointments for the day before setting off. This will ensure your users have all of the necessary information before working in a area that could have poor signal.
  2. The mobile application allows users to continue to work without signal, once the device reconnects it will upload any changes made to the appointments. 

Working Offline and Refreshing Appointments 

1. The appointment list can be refreshed to download any new appointments or any modifications to existing appointments.   

2. As you work on jobs the updates will be sent back to the server to update the desktop application. If the mobile device lose signal at any time the data will be stored in an "outbox" and sent to the server whenever the connection is restored.  If you are offline and have items in your outbox a notification will be displayed in the top bar. In addition, the number of items in your outbox will be displayed where the Refresh button normally is at the top right.  It is not possible retrieve new data while you have items waiting in your outbox.                                                      

3. If you close the browser window or put your mobile device into lock mode the data will not be sent or received from the desktop application until you next access the browser window.


Logging Out

  1. If you log out of the application, for security purposes the appointment list will be cleared and will be downloaded again next time you log in.  (You will not lose any data you have updated as this will be stored and saved)
  2. All user sessions will automatically time out after 24 hours of inactivity. 


Additional Functionality

Mobile Signature 

Operative and Customer signatures can be captured on the mobile device, they are controlled through the Work Type for the job. As well as capturing signatures you can turn on the Name field to  enter the name of the Operative/Customer. If the fields are enabled they will be mandatory. 

To help with the operative entry the name field will be pre populated with the resource name. 

To mange mobile signatures please review the Work Type documentation. 


Additional Rights for Mobile 

Viewing Job history for the desktop application from the mobile. 

Display Job - Job History Tab [JJH]- to see the option for view History under the appointment extended description the user type will need this right. Job history will be opened on a new browser tab and automatically log the user into the desktop application. The user can continue to use the mobile application by selecting the correct tab within the browser.


Create Job 

The home page of the mobile application has the option to Create Job, this option will open the QJC(Quick Job Create) screen on the desktop application in a new tab within the browser. The mobile user types will need to have the user type rights assigned to control if they have access to the create job option and access to modify certain fields on the QJC. 

Please see the section for Creating a job on the Jobs User Type Right page.


Appointment Booking  

The mobile application has the option to search for unassigned activities against jobs, the user can search by job ref, client ref or site. The search will return jobs where the job team matches the resource team. After finding a job the user can select activities they are able to complete whilst they are on site, in this scenario they would use the Start Work Now option. The second choice is to schedule the appointment for a later date. The Schedule button will open the Pooled Appointment booking page from the desktop application. The mobile user will need to have the rights to create a pooled appointment to use this function.


Mobile Operatives viewing one appointment at a time. 

We have controls over the amount of days the mobile application will display appointments for in the future and in the past. You also have the option to restrict individual resources to only view one appointment at a time. 

This function will only display the one pending or in progress appointment at a time, the resource will need to mark an appointment as All Work Complete or Additional Appointment for the next appointment to show in the Not Started queue. 


  • Resources will not be able to view all jobs at the beginning of the day to check stock levels. 
  • Resources will have to complete the appointments in the order they have been scheduled. 
  • Jobs can be paused but they will not be able to see the next appointment until it has been restarted and marked as complete. 
  • The option to add a new appointment on the mobile will still work if the resource has the correct rights, however unless it is the next appointment assigned to that resource it will not be displayed on the mobile.  

To enable this feature you will need to complete the following steps 

  1. Open the Admin menu using the Cog 
  2. Select the Teams page
  3. After selecting your team click on the Resource tab 
  4. Select the resource you would like to restrict and use the modify option 
  5. Turn on the setting for 'View Single Appointment on Mobile'
  6. The resource will need to log out and log back in to the mobile application to inherit the change.