Oneserve Mobile: General Config



You can configure Oneserve Mobile to suit your business needs. Here are some of the key configuration items you can use.

"Work Action" Button Configuration

You can control what "Work Action" buttons are available to mobile users. For example Start Working, Start Travel, Start Collect Materials. These buttons can be customised to include new buttons or to rename the existing ones. You can control what button will move the appointment to be in progress, e.g. The travel button will not start the appointment but Start Working will.

To control the work action buttons you can open the Work Time Types page from the admin menu

Mandatory Additional Appointment Reason

You can make the additional appointment reason field mandatory so when a user selects an additional appointment option on the mobile they have to provide a reason.

To modify this setting, please raise a support request.

Mandatory Photos

You can take photos on your mobile device and upload them through the Oneserve Mobile app so they are attached to the relevant appointment. The photo option can be made mandatory before the All Work Complete or Additional Appointment buttons become visible. When the setting is on the photo icon will be red on the mobile, once a photo has been uploaded it will go green.

To modify this setting, please raise a support request.

Future Days to be Displayed

Controls how many future days the mobile will use for displaying pending appointments. By default, this is set to 2 days.

It is possible to increase the number of days to display, but this has an impact on the amount of data loaded and should be increased with caution. If resources have a lot of appointments the mobile will need to be capable to save all the job details, activities, parts and surveys. If the resource has too much data the login will fail.

To modify this setting, please raise a support request.

Historic Days to be Displayed

Option to control what appointments to display on the mobile depending on the date. It is usually set to 2 days in the past. Similar concerns to the param above, we tend to keep the setting to 2 days and under due to the amount of data the mobile will need to download.

To modify this setting, please raise a support request.