Mobile App Tools



The Oneserve Mobile App has a handy Tools menu which allows you to see useful system information and perform some checks.  These can help in situations when problems arise.



Click on the cog icon at the top right of the home page to access the tools menu.  The top section has actions that can be performed as follows.

Send Logs to Server

This menu item is used to help our technical team debug issues.  Tap on it to send technical details back to us so we can troubleshoot.

Send Local Data to Server

Similar to the option above - this helps to troubleshoot issues.  Tap on the button to send the local data that is stored back to us.

Test Image Upload Capability

Tap this button to check whether the device and browser you're using has the necessary features to support the image upload features of Oneserve.  A message will be returned indicating whether the features are supported.

Support Tools

The bottom section has useful information about the application which you may be asked to report to support.