Managing Appointments



Appointments are an integral part of many jobs. Oneserve's scheduling tools make it easy to create, modify, and rectify appointments to help you manage your workforce efficiently.


Viewing Appointment Details - Resources Tab


  • Any appointment that is at a status of pending can be amended, by selecting one of the options from the "Actions" menu next to the appointment. Users have the option to cancel, update, or reschedule an appointment from this menu


  • If a pooled appointment has been created and optimisation is still switched on, the resource and time that the appointment has been assigned to will show in italics. This is to denote that the resource and the actual start time may alter with optimisation


  • If a fixed appointment has been made the planned start date and planned end date will display and will not alter unless manually rescheduled


  • The new appointment button will not display if all activities have been assigned to appointments. If additional work is needed, additional activities will need to be added to the job to denote what additional work is required. The new appointment button will then become available to create more appointments. See the Activities section for details on adding activities to a job


  • Details of who created the appointment and when are shown in the Job History tab of the page. Look for appointment scheduled in the table, click this row and the details will display on the right hand side


Rescheduling an Appointment

  • An appointment can be rescheduled from the job or directly within the scheduler, see the Scheduling section for more details. To reschedule from the job go to the resources tab of the job details page and select "Reschedule" from the "Actions" menu next to the appointment
  • Depending on what appointment type was selected when making the appointment, the fixed or pooled appointment screen will appear
  • If the appointment is fixed, an overview of the day will be shown and the appointment will be moved to the holding area to be dropped into a new appointment slot. To move the appointment to another day, keep the appointment in the holding area, change the date on the calendar, and drop the appointment into the new slot. You can then click "Commit" to save the changes, "Reset" to put everything back to how it was when the session started, or "Cancel Rescheduling" to back out of the Scheduler


  • If the appointment is pooled, an overview of the day divisions will be shown. The appointment's current slot will be highlighted in purple, and you will have the option to either pick another slot or have the scheduler automatically assign a slot


  • Details of who rescheduled and when will be detailed in the job event screen (see above for details)


Cancelling an Appointment

  • To cancel an appointment from the job details page, select "Cancel" from the "Actions" menu next to the appointment
  • To cancel an appointment in the scheduler, double click the relevant appointment and select the cancel appointment button


  • A pop up will appear for you to enter the reason for the appointment being cancelled.(This is controlled with a system setting, if you would like it to be activated please raise a ticket with our support team)



Reset "Scheduling" Appointment

If you are attempting to reschedule a job but it is already in the "rescheduling" status, it is possible to reset the appointment.

If the appointment says rescheduling next to it:

  • Go to the scheduler by select the "Scheduling" option from the Jobs menu


  • Select the "Reset All Users" option from the three button dropdown. This option resets any uncommitted appointments