Creating and booking a fixed appointment


This screen should be used by skilled schedulers only.  The making of a fixed appointment fixes not only the resource (as you can do in the pooled view) but also the time of the appointment.  This appointment will not be optimised for drive time as a pooled appointment would be.  The more fixed appointments that are in the schedule the less likely that any benefit will be gained from optimising drive time. 

  1. You will be taken straight to the pooled appointment screen if you have selected the "Submit and Create Appointment" button on the Create Job screen. Alternatively you can access this screen by going to the resources tab on the job and click "New Appointment". 
  2. To switch to the fixed appointment view, click the fixed view button on the left hand side.
  3. By default all unassigned activities will be assigned to the appointment.  The appointment appears in the holding area and you click and drag it onto the schedule. 
  4. As you move the appointment onto the schedule the drive time will appear against those resources that have the skill and the geographic location to complete the appointment.

To amend some of the job details assigned to the appointment the user should double click the pending job in the holding area to bring up the additional details pop-up screen. To amend the schedule view please see the Scheduling section.

Duration - You can amend the planned duration here if required, click save once amended. It should be noted though that the max duration shown next to the planned duration is to show how much space there is in the scheduler until the next appointment as you cannot create an appointment that conflicts with another one.

Type -  You are able to change the appointment type by selecting the type of appointment and selecting save – it should be noted that if optimisation has been stopped there is not an option to change a fixed to a pooled as it will not provide any benefit.

Notes - You can add notes to the appointment, click save once completed.

Activities - The activities are displayed and these can be ticked and un-ticked in the same way as the pooled appointment screen, remembering that the save button must be pressed to commit any changes actually made, before the appointment is created. 

If there are still unassigned activities the screen will remain on the fixed appointment page and return a warning banner.

5. Further appointments can then be made for the remaining activities or if the user selects cancel they will be returned to the job details page.  An additional pop-up warning will be returned if the cancel option is selected and there are still unassigned activities.

6. Reset - If you wish to reset the scheduler - returning all appointments to how they were before you made any changes - as long as you haven’t pressed the commit button you can select the reset button and all appointments will be returned to the prior location.  If you are happy with all amendments and creations click the commit button to be returned to the job details page.