Changing the Supplier (Team), service, instruction for the job


During the job creation process activities will be assigned, the job will use the service from the first activity to determine what team covers that service and the postcode from the site. The job will display the service and the team on the job details page. 

The team will be used on the scheduler pages to default the user to that team when you click on Create Appointment. You will be able to change the team on the scheduler if the appointment needs to go to a different team/resource. 

  1. To amend the supplier, service or instruction you must first create a version, the button is highlighted in red below. 
  2. Once a version has been created the [re-assign supplier/service] option will become available at the very top of the page in the right hand corner.  Select this option.
  3. Change the service if required, and then select the manually assign supplier option, to bring up the list of available suppliers.
  4. Select the supplier and if required change the instruction and resource from the default provided, highlighted in green on the screenshot below.  If the supplier has been changed from direct to subcontract or vice versa, a warning box will be displayed to advise the user.
  5. The instruction will then change (if applicable according to configuration) and the job will move to the jump to process that has been defined in the database.  Select the OK button to commit the changes, highlighted in red on the above screenshot.
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