Team: Services, Rates & Efficiency Rating



In order for a Team to be selected when you create appointments, the team must have a relevant service and rate assigned to its profile.

You can assign individual rates against services to identify the hourly rate for the Resource. If you only have one rate and have already assigned it to the team, you do not need to repeat it on the Resource. If the cost is different to the team then you will need to continue with this step. If you do not do so your jobs will not calculate your labour time. Service Rates for Jobs will use the Resource cost by default but if it's null it when then look at Team service rates.

Note: Services can only be assigned to teams if they exist against an activity in the system


User Type Rights:

  • Teams - Edit [EDIT_TEAMS] - Controls the option to modify an existing team and the ability to create a new team
  • Teams - View Resources [VIEW_TEAM_RESOURCES] - Access to the resource tab on the team
  • Teams - Edit Resources [EDIT_TEAM_RESOURCES] - Ability to edit and create new resource accounts
  • Teams - View Services [VIEW_TEAM_SERVICES] - Ability to view the services allocated to a team
  • Teams - Edit Services [EDIT_TEAM_SERVICES - Ability to edit the services applied to a team

Adding Team Services

  • Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu
  • Select Teams under the Teams section
  • Select the team you would like to edit
  • Select the Service/Rates tab


  • Select the services that are applicable from the drop down list and click on the “Add Service” button. Ensuring that the relevant radio button is selected (to the left of the drop down) for Primary or Secondary service
  • If the team can cover all Services, click on the “Add All Services” button to automatically assign all Services to the Resource.


Assigning Team Rates

  • To add an hourly rate to the service either select the A button next to the Rate Type, or click on the pencil icon at the end of the service line to amend all Rate Types at once
  • Click the A button to add the rate, then click the green tick to save


Efficiency Ratings

Efficiency ratings can be stored against each team service. The efficiency rating is then used to adjust appointment durations. It does this by using the activity durations held against the appointment and adjusting them based on how efficient the resource is at the service.

This allows users to adjust the efficiency rating for a team if they are quicker/ slower at performing certain services. A negative efficiency figure will increase the appointment duration and a positive efficiency will decrease the duration.

The team efficiency will be used if the efficiency for the service held against the resource is set to “None”, otherwise the resource efficiency is used.

To enter an efficiency rating:

  • Click on the pencil icon next to the service.
  • Enter the % figure in the efficiency box.
  • Click on the green tick icon to save.

Alternatively you can click the A on the main screen.

To apply the same efficiency rating against all Services, enter the rating in the efficiency box at the bottom of the screen and select the Update All button


Note: If an efficiency rate is applied to a resource and a team for a service, then the two rates will be added

View history of changes to services

To view any changes to Team Services click on the View History option on the Services/Rate tab.

This shows what action was taken (e.g. add, update, delete), against which service and field and who and when they completed the task.


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