Upgrade Procedure



After an update to your Oneserve system, it is important that mobile users carry out the following procedure:

  • Ensure you have a strong WiFi or mobile data connection
  • Complete all in-progress work and make sure all data has been submitted
  • Log out of the application by tapping on the "Logout" button
  • If an upgrade is available, the application will start to reload. You will see a "Page Loading" message while the download is in progress
  • Once the app has been updated, you should see the login page. The new version will be shown at the bottom (use this to verify with your system administrator that the upgrade was successful if you encounter issues)

Clearing the Cache

Note: You should avoid using a desktop shortcut to the web application. Due to how mobile operating system caches differ between the web browser and the system web view, using shortcuts can cause problems when the app is upgraded

Certain data is stored in the browser cache to allow the mobile web app to function in an offline state. If a change is made to how this data is stored, we may advise you to manually clear the cache. The cache on mobiles does not need to be cleared manually after every upgrade.

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