Upgrade Procedure

After an upgrade it is important that mobile users carry out the following procedure:
  1. Please ensure you are in an area with good signal strength (3G) or connected to a wireless network.
  2. Complete all in progress work and make sure all data has been transmitted.
  3. Logout of the application:  Go to the Home page and click the Logout button at the top left.  Click OK to confirm.
  4. If a mobile upgrade is available, the application will start to reload.  You will see a Page Loading message for a time while the new App is downloading.  This may take up to 5 minutes depending on connection speed.
  5. Once the app has downloaded you will see the Login page.  The new version number will be displayed at the bottom left.  This should be Version  You may now log in as normal.
  6. If the Sign In button on the Login page is Disabled or the version number has not updated there was an issue with the download of the App (this could happen if signal is poor).  Check your signal and follow the Reset procedures.  If the problem persists please contact Oneserve Support


Clearing the Cache 

After certain upgrades we may advise you to manually clear the cache.  The cache on mobiles does not need to be cleared manually after every upgrade. It depends on what changes were made to the app.

The mobile app will automatically recognise a new version and download it. The problem is with the locally stored data. As Oneserve stores data locally so that users can work offline, if a change is made to the app which changes the way this data is stored, it needs to be cleared out so that the new version of the app will work properly. This is scenario that requires a manual cache clear. 

It would be dangerous to automatically delete this locally stored data so the current approach is to advise that this is performed manually.  We are currently looking into improvements to this process which will handle this with less manual intervention.




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