Purchase Orders


Please note once a Purchase Order has been submitted you cannot edit or delete it.

Stock Level Approval information can be found here

To locate the Purchase Order page first click "Stock" in the main menu bar, "Purchase Order" can be found on the left hand side.

User Type Rights: A list of Purchase Order rights can be found under Stock Management 

Adding a new Purchase Order
  1. To add a new purchase order first click the [+] add button, this will open a new form which is used to input the purchase order line items.
  2. "Reference" is an automated box which automatically gives the new purchase order a new reference number.
  3. "Order Date" is used to input the date of the order.
  4. "Delivery Date" is used to input the desired delivery date.
  5. "Status" is an automated box with automatically defaults to draft status at this stage.
  6. "Vendor" is used to select the vendor associated with the purchase order.
  7. "Job" is used to select the job the purchase order is associated with, is is not mandatory.
  8. "Delivery Store" is used to select the store you are ordering the part for.
  9. To finish creating the purchase order press "Create".
  10. To cancel the creation of the new purchase order press "Cancel".
Adding a Purchase Order line
  1. Once you have completed the steps above, you will be taken to the following screen. Press the [+] add button, this will open a form that allows you to choose the item you want to add to the order.
  2. The top section provides you with several filters to find the item you require to raise the PO for.
  3. Once you have found the part/s you wish to add to the PO, you must tick the box to the left of the item.  You can update the quantity you wish to order and the unit cost if necessary. There is also a field for you to add a description to the PO if you require one.
  4. Once you have selected the part/s, changed the quantity, the cost and the description press "Add Selected".

If you use the 'Show only parts where the quantity in stock is below the reorder level' this will use the reorder level against the part reorder level and not the store part. It will calculate all the quantities for the part throughout all stores before determining if it should display for reordering. 

Editing an order line
  1. To edit an order line, first select the order line you want to edit, by clicking somewhere on that line in the table.
  2. A form will open to the right which allows you to change the cost, the quantity and the description of the part.
  3. You can also delete the selected line item by selecting the bin in the top right hand corner.
  4. When you have finished editing the order line press "Update".
NOTE: you cannot edit line items once the PO has been submitted.
Edit Purchase Order Details
  1. You can change the order date, the vendor and the associated job by clicking the button highlighted below.
  2. Once you have edited the details, click the update button.
Delete Purchase Order
  1. Please note you can only delete a PO if it is still in draft status.
  2. The delete button looks like a bin, highlighted in red below.
Print Purchase Order
  1. To print the Purchase Order please click the button highlighted in red below.
Save draft Purchase Order
  1. The [x] in the right hand corner allows you to exit the Purchase order without submitting keeping it in draft status, which will enable you to make further changes.
  2. NOTE: If the purchase order has already been created but not submitted, you can open the purchase order you want to add the order line to by selecting it from the main PO screen.
Submitting (completing) a Purchase Order
  1. Once you have added the PO lines you will be taken to the screen below, here you will be able to complete several actions, which are detailed in the sections below.  
  2. If you are completely happy with the purchase order you will need to submit it by clicking the submit button, highlighted below.  Please note that once submitted you will not be able to make any changes to the PO or delete it.
Searching for a purchase order
To search for a purchase order you can either search by:
  1. The vendor using the "Vendor" drop down menu
  2. The status of the purchase order using the "Status" drop down menu
  3. You can type in the reference you are looking for in the box labelled "Filter"
  4. You can search using the order date