Job (Project) Codes


A Code can be assigned to a Job on the create job page (QJC) or changing the job details.  Codes are associated with Clients and Work Log Types.

User Type RightsCodes [ECODE]and QJC - Make Coding Mandatory [QJC_CODING_MANDATORY]

Assigning a Code when Creating a Job

  1. To assign a Code to a Job when creating it, create the Job as usual using the Job Creation page. For more information please see Creating a Job (QJC) section.
  2. Before clicking the Create button, enter or select the Code you wish to assign to the Job in the Coding field. 

Changing the Code on a Job

  1. You can edit the coding on a job by clicking on the Change Job Details link at the top right of the Job Details page. NOTE: if you are using job versioning you may need to create a version first. For more information please see the Versioning Section.
  2. Coding can be found on the left hand side, select the code you wish to add to the job from the drop down menu and click save in the top right hand corner.


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