Assets Overview



A typical building/site is made up of many hundreds of different types of assets. For example; roofs, windows, doors, boilers, pumps, fans, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fridges, freezers and ovens.

Oneserve stores useful reference information about the basic attributes of each asset, such as their ref, type, manufacturer, model, condition and location within the building.

Once an asset has been added to Oneserve you can create a survey for that specific asset. This is often used for gas servicing. See surveys for more details.

Note: Assets need to be added to the system before they can be added to a Site. For information on how to do this please review Adding Assets

Viewing Assets

View Assets using Search

  • Go to Asset Search from the Search menu


  • Click on the Asset you want to view. This will open a new window that displays the asset details, whether there are any surveys assigned to this asset and any results from the last completion
  • Please see the Searching and Dashboard section for more information

View Assets on a Site

  • Go to Sites Search from the Search menu
  • Click on the Site you want to view and click the Assets tab. This shows any assets that have been assigned to the site


  • Click on the Asset to view the asset details window


  • If there is a survey assigned to the asset it will be detailed here, as will any results from the last completion

It will also detail a history of who completed the surveys, when they were completed and whether it was linked to a job.

View Assets by Site Location

The Location is the position of the asset in or around the building. To view assets by location:

  • Go to Sites Search from the Search menu
  • Click on the Site you want to view and click the Location tab. This shows any Locations against the sites and the assets within them


  • Select the relevant Asset from the tree navigation to display the asset and survey details
  • Assets can be added and edited in this screen