Job Details


The Job Details section tab contains the main summary of information relating to that job including;

  • Description - Description added to the job during creation, this can be information need e.g. customer complaint work 
  • Work Description - Another area for notes against the job
  • Site details - Site address and considerations (if any) 
  • Contact Details - Contact name, phone number and considerations (if any)
  • Summary - This includes the work type, cause, priority etc. 
  • Client details - Client name and reference 
  • Dates - Planned duration, reported date, created, target date etc. - please refer to page Jobs in the past
  • Team - Assigned team and the service of the job 

Regardless of whether a version rule exists or not, a new job version must be created before any changes can be made - This is so the application can determine whether an approval rule is applicable on the changes that have been made.

Once a version has been created the 'Modify' option will become available in the job details tab of the job page, in the top right-hand corner.  Select this option you will be navigated to the editing page, complete any changes and select the 'save' option.

  1. In order to change any of the job details, you must first select the 'Create Version' button below - For more information on versioning please see Versioning
  2. The 'Modify' option will then be available on the top right of the screen, underneath the tabs, highlighted in red below. The areas that you are able to amend are;
- Job Description
- Work Description
- Work Log Ref
- Work type
- Cause
- Priority
- Coding
- Owner
- Parent Ref 
- Client Ref

Please remember to select save once finished, 'Save' can be found in the top right