Jobs With Multiple Resources



Some work cannot be undertaken by just one resource, so it is necessary to log work for multiple resources on the same job. To achieve this in Oneserve, additional activities can be set up to represent assistance and appointments scheduled against them.


Adding the Assist Code to a Job

  • Create the requisite "Assist" activity to be used on the job (see this guide for details on creating activities)
  • Add the original activity and assist activity to the job during the creation process



  • If the job is already in the system, create a new version of the job and add the activity in the "Activities" tab


Booking Appointments

  • In the resources tab on the job, select "Schedule Appointment"



  • In the fixed view, double click the appointment in the holding area. This will display the appointment details. Make a note of the activity duration you wish the resource to assist with. Untick the assist activity and click save.  You can add the name of the resource that will be assisting into the notes field



  • Drag the appointment on the the resource you require and click commit



  • The appointment will be booked and the fixed view will refresh with a warning at the top which says "Unassigned pending activities".



  • Double click the appointment in the holding area and select the "Assist" activity. Enter the same duration and then drag the appointment to the assisting resource at the same time to schedule the appointment. Hit "Commit" to save the changes.