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It is possible to book time out using the below functionality to allocate time to specific priority work. This is useful when blocking out time for emergency work, but if it is not filled then these times can be opened up in the scheduler to be filled with non-emergency work.


In order for this functionality to work, there must be a priority or priorities that have been marked as being emergency priorities.  This can be checked by going to the Admin menu and selecting the Priority option.  Select a priority and it will display whether it is an emergency priority or not. For more information please see the Emergency Priority article. 

In the resource or supplier working/non-working times tab create an entry with a type of “Emergency”.  This will then allow any appointments for jobs with emergency priorities to be appointed into these slots, but no other priority work.

To override the emergency time in the scheduler a user simply selects the “Override Priority” checkbox at the top of the scheduling screen (pooled or fixed).  A user must have the rights to do this as not all scheduling users should have the right to override these times.

Allocate Out of Hours Work

Before you can schedule a out of hours job for your Resource, you need to add in the extended hours to the resource working time

  • Select the Admin menu and select "Resources" under the "Teams" menu


  • Select the resource you want to edit


  • Select the "Working/Non-Working Times" tab at the top of the menu to bring up the working time calendar


  • Find the day you would like to schedule out of hours work to and click on the "A" button to add a new slot


  • Fill in the details in the working time menu to suit your needs:

    • Type: Select the type you need from the drop down, both emergency and overtime will extend the resource's calendar

    • Start Date, time and end time: add the start date for the overtime/emergency.  The start and end time defaults to 00:00 and 23:59 for a full day, please amend as required

    • Recurrence: Select the appropriate recurrence time, if they are having a week off select recurs every day and then on the right hand side change the end date

    • End date: On the right hand side select the day you need the recurrence to stop

    • Notes: you can add any notes here as to why you are extending the calendar

    • All Day: you can tick this box if it is an all day event

  • Click "Add" to commit the changes to the calendar

  • The working time will show a different colour on the scheduler. For more information on this please see Scheduling article. If you need assistance assigning jobs to this working time please see Allocating Jobs for out of hours


Conflicting Appointments

If you create a non-working time record and there are appointments already booked into the time then a warning will be displayed once the record has been created. See our article on conflicting appointments for more information on how to manage conflicting appointments.

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