Saving/Deleting a Search View


Once you've performed a search you can go back to it at a later time by saving it as a View.  

Views can be shared with other user types or removed if they are no longer required


Saving Views

1. To save a view click on the Save button, a screen will appear for you to enter the name of your view. 

2. Select a group you would like to allocate the view to or select the option to create a view.

For more information about creating and managing groups click here

3. The saved view will appear in the list on the left hand side.

4. You can also modify an existing view by first clicking on the View, once it has opened you can change the filter criteria or columns and save the View again by clicking on the Save button.

5. If you would like to create a new view by using an existing view as a copy you can use the Save As option, this option appears when you click the arrow to the right of the Save button


 Deleting A View 

1. Select Manage Groups and Views

2. Click on Manage All Views.

3. Click on the cross for the view you would like to delete. A conformation box will pop up to confirm the view can be deleted.