Creating a Search View


We’ve introduced a brand new fast, flexible and powerful way to search in Oneserve. 

You can choose the search filters to define the search and select the columns you would to see to see for your results. The views can be saved to be reused and build up your day to day reporting screens. Views can be shared with other user groups for greater collaboration and results can be exported to CSV.

Advanced users are also able to take advantage of the new Oneserve Query Language (OQL) to create more complex queries.

Required User Rights:

  1. To View the search section you will need the 'Search [SEA_NEW] right.
  2. To have access to the financial columns such as Total Sales and Total Cost the right you need is  'Job Search - View Financial Info'

Please see User Type Right section for instructions on how to add user rights or contact your super user. 

Once you have added the search permission it can be found on the main menu.


Creating a Search

The Search will automatically default to the 'All Jobs' view where you can enter details into the text field or add a filter to start your search.

1. The text field can search using the job references, client refs address, contact details.

2. After you select the search icon a default set of columns will be displayed but this can be changed by clicking on the Cog icon above the last column.

3. You can select new columns to add to the search view. 

4. To reorder the columns you can drag the column names up and down the list until they are in the correct order.

5. Click save to return to the search view.

6. The 'More Filters' option will allow you to add the filters you require to the search view. You can select multiple files and define the results you need for each filter. 

 7. Clicking on the CSV link at the top left of the search results will export the results in CSV (comma separate value) format which you can then use to open in external programs such as Excel.


8. Searches can be saved for review at any time. Further guidance regarding saving searches can be found here.

9.The Search can remain on in your view group or it can be shared with other user types. Details on sharing views can be found here.

10. Any views you have previously saved will be shown in a list on the left. Views can also be organised into groups for more flexibility.  You can collapse this list to make more room for your search results by clicking on the left arrow. Clicking on one of the Views will display the results for that view.


More information regarding View Groups can be found here