Allocating Jobs for Out of Hours



Sometimes, an appointment will need to be raised for a resource outside of their usual working hours. By default, Oneserve will try to select the most suitable time slot for an appointment based on resource services and working times. However, it is possible to override this by allocating out of hours working time slots.


Creating an Out of Hours Appointment

  • On the job in question, navigate to the Resource tab
  • Select "Schedule Appointment" to create a new appointment, or select "Reschedule" against an existing appointment


  • In the scheduling menu that appears, select the "Fixed View" option to bring up the fixed scheduler


  • Filter the view by the Team, Resource, Service, and Working area until you have the resource you wish to allocate the job to


  • Drag the appointment from the holding area down on to the scheduler. The times to which the job can be allocated will be highlighted


  • Once you have allocated the appointment to the right time, click the Commit button to save your changes


Note: If you are moving a job between resources, make sure the override priorities option is checked before you try to drag the appointment to the new resource